Top 5 brands of air conditioners

Air conditioners are no more a luxury. Everyone wants one at their home to beat excessively hot climate. When we think that how did we survive without AC in our childhood days, it was indeed because the climate was far better back then. ACs not only do that but help us get away from humidity as well. Lives have become easier since ACs came into the market.



The prices are getting lower and energy efficient models are emerging to save the utility bills. They are focusing more on making ACs affordable for common man. In the US, 88% population has air conditioners installed which prove how it has become quite essential for everyone now. Yet, when you think of buying a new model you have to think of all the choices available. Here are few brands which are highly in demand.


This is a Japanese company which has beaten different companies throughout the world. It has reached the top amid all brands. It has brought to use most efficient and energy saving measures which involve Japanese technology. These models are highly in demand throughout the world. They have invented new models which do not consume much power and thus, utility bills won’t be high.


This company is also from Japan and is located in Tokyo. Their air conditioners are becoming popular throughout the world. The key feature is the self-cleaning technology which is inbuilt in them. It helps in great cooling and doesn’t need to be serviced that often. They have proved to be environment-friendly as they focus on consuming low power and dipping the emission of greenhouse gases.

Blue star

Found in 1943, this company has grown more popular after they teamed with Hitachi. They use all the latest technologies which provide the good cooling effect, still being at affordable prices in the market. This is why it has risen up in demands. These models suit the basic requirements of people as it has the features essential.



Found in 1920 by Willis Carrier, the company is considered very reliable when it comes to air conditioners. These are sold globally and highly appreciated by the clients. Their products have received nice reviews over the time. A proprietary operating system is incorporated which makes it one of the best air conditioning models. It is also environment savior as they practice reducing the emission of harmful gases and decreased energy and water consumption.


The headquarters of Whirlpool is located in Michigan, US. It is also one of the most favorite brands of people. Plus, it has so many advertisements going around on television and internet platforms that attracts people. Whirlpool has affordable prices and thus, people don’t think twice before purchasing these models. It incorporates the usage of new technologies like Turbo cool and the MPFI. MPFI technology has the circuit design inbuilt in the models which sustain Japanese compressor and other copper internals. This is the unique selling point because it enables rapid heat exchange.



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