6 Common Air Conditioner Problems and How You Can Fix Them


The air conditioner is an integral part of your house, so if it stopped working even for hours it will cause many problems and cripple your home. Sometimes, you have to spend your night elsewhere if it is damaged, not hot enough or cold enough for any reason. Therefore, it is important to properly maintain your air conditioning system by cleaning it, changing the air filter, inspections, and many other essential issues. You can also get help from the professional air conditioning Melbourne for your assistance.

However, there are some other common air conditioner problems including:

1- Air is not coming out of the registers


How to fix this problem:

If the air is not coming out of the registers, then the fan which is located on the outside unit may not be functioning properly. However, it is an easy problem which you can easily solve. There are two main possibilities, either the breaker needs to be reset because it is simply tripped, or the blower belt needs to be replaced. If it is not, then there are few issues which might be causing the problem including a problem with your thermostat, control board, condensate pump reservoir, or power supply and wires.

2- Your air conditioner isn’t coming on at all


How to fix this problem:

A problem with the thermostat is the first cause to think of when your air conditioner doesn’t come on. The solution is easy by setting your thermostat to cool and bumping down the temperature setting, then checking your electrical panel…you may find a tripped breaker or blown fuse.
If this is not the problem, then you can check for any problems in wires and power supply.

3- The air conditioner isn’t cooling


How to fix this problem:

Is your air conditioner running but not cooling? Actually, this is one of the most common problems which have many potential causes including a blocked condensate drain, dirty air filter, a dirty outdoor compressor, low refrigerant level, presence of some ice around the coils, or a need to add more coolant to your system. Check for these and you will be able to solve it easily.

4- You’re low on refrigerant

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How to fix the problem:

If your air conditioner doesn’t cool properly, the problem may be a low on refrigerant or having a leak therefore, before adding more refrigerant, check for any leaks.

5- Your air conditioner is blowing hot air


How to fix this problem:

If the air conditioner is blowing hot air, this can really be infuriating. There must be a problem with dirty air conditioner filter, so check if there are leaves or other debris obstructing air flow or verify that the outside unit is running.

6- The unit is leaking


How to fix this problem:

Air conditioning units typically create condensation, which is drained properly in normal conditions. However, you may face a problem if the pipes are leaked or blocked, or there is a possibility that the condensate pump stopped working.

Fix the problem by clearing condensation drain pipe, cleaning the pump system of algae with a bleach solution, changing the pump, checking the electrical connection to the condensate pump, and checking your condensation drain pipe for leaks.

These are the main 6 problems which may cause problems with your air conditioner, so if you faced the above symptoms, you can try their easy air conditioning Melbourne solutions. They may help to solve your problem without wasting your time and money.



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